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About Us





Olie Naturals is passionate about providing high quality whole food supplements that we believe enhance and promote the stabilization of health in our companion animals. We believe that health is more than the absence of disease. We believe a pet’s diet must play a significant role in their ability to adapt to our human ways of living, by maintaining and building upon the level of health they are born with. We believe that their innate health is best nurtured by nutrient dense, minimally processed, whole foods. The science of nutrition and the “law of common sense” support this.

That is why we at Olie Naturals, are dedicated to bringing you carefully procured whole food supplements that will assist your companion animal in potentially attaining a lifetime of health, with minimal therapeutic intervention.

These words are the foundation on which
Olie Naturals’ beliefs are built





A long established or inherited way of thinking or acting. This implies they are tried and true and are ways that have survived the “test of time.” 

Anything serving to connect one part or thing with another. This implies a conscious recognition of a relationship that creates something new or expands established wisdom.

The act or
process of inventing something new or
the act of recognizing
a new or expanded
use for something
that is old

Consistent with agreed principles of correct moral conduct, fair, just
and decent; something inherently known by everyone and naturally lived by animals but is a choice for humans.