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Olie® Naturals unbridles the essential healing powers hidden deep within the traditional flax seed.  Flax Unbridled™ contains a superior concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids, lignan, protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals which may be nutritionally beneficial for horses and a variety of livestock.  Nature intended many of our animals to graze on healthy, fresh pastures for several hours a day to provide for much of their dietary needs. Fresh green pasture typically contains 2% to 4% fat and the Omega 3 content is generally four times higher than the Omega 6 content.  Once these grasses are cut, dried, and baled to make hay, many of the polyunsaturated fatty acids may be destroyed by the heat, moisture, air or light.  Omega 3 and 6’s are extremely important to the diet, but more important is their proper ratio to each other. Flax seed is very high in Omega 3’s and offers an Omega 3:6 ratio similar to grass. Dietary supplementation with Omega 3 fatty acids has been shown to provide numerous benefits to horses, livestock, pets, and humans. Flax Unbridled™ features unique combinations of beneficial properties that may:

In all Animals:
•    Relieve stress and inflammation
•    Enhance the immune response
•    Improve skin, hair, fleece and hoof quality

In Horses:
•    Improve endurance
•    Improve insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance

In Sheep and Goats:
•    Improve the beneficial qualities of milk and meat
•    Improve health and growth in orphaned or early weaned lambs & kids

Just like adding any supplement to your animal’s ration, be sure to make the transition gradually over 10 days to prevent GI upset.

"A Refreshing Combination of Tradition, Innovation & Common Sense"

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