At room temperature it can be broken up with a knife to form a crumble.

The oil may naturally separate from the fibre creating a solid white top layer. To remix, warm the jar in hot water or place in the sun and stir when soft.

Coconut Crumble™ is very palatable and can be fed alone, mixed into food or as a healthy treat. Be creative!!

Normal for consistency of product to change depending on temperature. Refrigerate to restore to the solid state.

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Products – Coconut Crumble

PRODUCTS – Coconut Crumble™

Olie® Naturals Coconut Crumble™ provides beneficial raw functional food nutrients for our companion animals that may promote simple solutions to common health challenges. Coconut Crumble™ contains one of nature’s unique sources of dietary fibre and medium chain fatty acids, which are both respected and valued within the fields of whole food nutrition, holistic and conventional medicine. Studies in humans suggest that unrefined coconut may assist in:

- Intestinal Health
- Mineral Absorption
- Regulating Blood Sugar Levels
- Parasite Management

Certified Organic by Pro-Cert
Ingredients: Organic raw whole coconut
Contains no dairy, preservatives or solvents