"The first law of ecology is that everything is related to everything else."  

-Barry Commoner-

Later on in life, my interests and education lead me to the study of environmental sciences. It was there that I started to understand the connection that the health of our planet has to the health of our food and the health of whoever consumes that food..... good old common sense! I also worked summers and falls in the Arctic and witnessed first-hand the impact human error and pollution had on the health of Northern communities and wildlife. About the same time, farming practices had also started to change with new sprays, fertilizers and larger equipment being used. The small family farms disappeared turning into larger corporations. Pastures and tree areas were being all ploughed up creating more acres to seed. Sloughs and small creeks were drained also to create more farmland. The more I learned about industry and the older I got, I was seeing firsthand effects of our new quick and easy lifestyles - not only on our planet but on our health!                      

I had also slipped into the fast and furious lifestyle of a modern-day busy family and working mom. It was so much easier! I started to feed my dogs and cat from a bag and not preparing our meals from scratch.  I was relying more on boxed and canned foods and eating more on the run.  I had also started depending on isolates and synthetic vitamins for my important nutrients, instead of the real, whole food that my body knew. .... But the house was clean, the homework was done, the pets were exercised, everyone was loved and cared for.....And then I got sick and the animals didn’t look healthy anymore.  

I had to start looking for answers! What had caused this and what am I going to do about it?

As a busy working mother, it wasn't like I had a lot of extra time nor the desire to step out of my comfort zone and start a supplement company here in Saskatchewan. I had become seriously ill with major G.I. problems and, after lengthy hospitalizations and fruitless surgeries, was finding no answers. I was scared but also curious to why so many others were plagued with similar problems.  At that time, I also had a Golden Retriever puppy who was very sick with cryptosporidium.  Again, conventional medicine did not have the answer so we both relied on Nature to provide the answers.

My story:

Born and raised in small-town Saskatchewan, I developed at an early age a love for good wholesome food, fresh air, animals and nature. I grew up eating food that was grown in our garden and naturally preserved to last all year round. All my pets enjoyed the same meals that I did and lived to be very old and healthy. Our air was so fresh, our water was clean and pure then. We were all so energetic and active..... Life was great!    

My journey back to health started when I was introduced to New Beginnings, a probiotic from Denmark. I was surprised at how quickly my body responded to it and was finally getting relief from ongoing GI issues. After meeting the creator of this unique product and understanding the impact that our gut and soil bacteria had on our health, my life took a completely new path. As a natural nurturer, it was important for me to bring this product to the Canadian market. This wasn't based on a business decision - it's more of a mission empower people to help them take better care of themselves, their families and their pets. These products start the conversation about lifestyle changes, organic and ethically-grown food and microbes.    

Returning to my roots has given me my life and health back. I remember reading the quote from Maya Angelou, “When you know better you do better.”  These words gave me the passion to dig deep into what I knew and create a supplement company based on real, organic whole foods that can help you and your animals on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.  

Over the years I have met and worked with many amazing pioneers in the health industry for people, pets and the health of our planet. I am forever grateful for their lessons and patience, working with me to create what I feel are some of the most important supplements in the industry today.

I am so grateful to all the people who support us and use these products, many who have become avid followers of our mission.

Thank you to those who have reached out with your stories of how these products have benefited you and your pets – you inspire me to keep going!  My journey is only beginning and I am so glad to be surrounded by such amazing support!

With love and gratitude,


Karen Smith

Founder and CEO

Olie® Naturals

Old Traditions

A long established or inherited way of thinking or acting.  This implies they are tried and true and are ways that have survived the "test of time".






Anything serving to connect with one part or thing with another. This implies a conscious recognition of a relationship that creates something new or expands established wisdom.


The act or process of inventing something new or the act of recognizing a new or expanded use for something that is old knowledge.


Consistent with agreed principles of correct moral conduct, fair, just and decent; something inherently known by everyone and naturally lived by animals but is a choice for humans.

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