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Make the Most of Summer!

Hiking, swimming and playing fetch - summer is a great time to get outside and get active!  Olie® Naturals’ goal is to help cats and dogs live their best lives and that starts with great nutrition.



Wellness is all about being proactive!  

By supporting the body with the right nutrients, the body is better equipped to perform and recover.  Each pet has unique nutritional and wellness needs.  By identifying these needs, you can use whole foods to fill any gaps in your pet’s current diet.


We proudly use only beautiful organic flaxseed grown right here in Saskatchewan to make Flax Unleashed®.  Saskatchewan has among the best growing conditions for flax in the world.

We also work with other small Saskatchewan companies to create our unique whole food supplements.  It’s a labour of love from start to finish.  We are so happy to be able to support our community and support our farmers!



A well-trained dog is an excellent investment of time and energy that your whole family will enjoy for years to come!  Training is about more than just practice and time.  Let’s make the process easier by adding omega 3s to your dog’s meals.  The brain is 60% fat and requires sufficient omega 3s perform at a high level, including attention, memory and trainability. Omega 3s are an integral part of the cell membrane of brain cells, protecting the health of the cells and aiding in communication between brain cells (or neurons).  These fatty acids are necessary for healthy brain development in pups and support the brain through the aging process.  

Nutritional analysis has shown that even fresh food diets are deficient in omega 3s so adding a whole food supplement, like Flax Unleashed®, is an ideal way to ensure your dog is getting what she needs.



High value treats are the motivation many dogs need to keep focused on their work. Finding the right treat can be a little tricky as many tasty treats are either empty calories or are too rich (such as freeze-dried organs) to be feeding continually through the training session.  

Coconut Crumble® is a unique treat – not only does it have a great taste that wins over even the fussy dogs and cats, it also has great health benefits.  

Coconut Crumble® is organic whole, raw, pureed coconut so it contains the tasty, healthy fat to keep dogs interested and the fibre which supports a healthy digestive system.  

Supporting an active dog:

Running, jumping, playing, swimming – these are all part of an active dog’s life! Unfortunately, wear and tear on the joints are also par for the course.  Omega 3s are a great way to help your active dog stay active and moving well.


·       Omega 3s are essential fatty acids – meaning your dog can only get them from food, her body cannot make them.  

·       Omega 3s need to be added fresh to the meal as almost all diets – including fresh food diets – do not contain the level of omega 3s your active dog needs.  

·       Omega 3s are anti-inflammatory.  

As active dogs play and exercise, it is possible for minor injuries to occur – such pulled muscles. Although inflammation is the body’s way of protecting an injury, long term inflammation degrades joints. Chronic inflammation is also connected with disease.  

·       Omega 3s supports the body to have a balanced response to these injuries.

The best way to ensure your pet is getting the omega 3s they need to be healthy is to add an oil high in omega 3s to one meal per day.


Here is why we love Flax Unleashed®:

·        Flax is very high in omega 3s

·       Flax Unleashed® is a whole food source of Omega-3s. It contains flax lignan (very high in anti-oxidants) which protects the oil from going rancid.

·        Flax lignan is also a prebiotic so it feeds the gut bacteria.

Well-fed gut bacteria are better equipped to breakdown oils into the format the body needs.

That is why whole food supplements work so well! Nature provides the necessary parts together. When nutrients are isolated, they never work as well as they do in Nature's original form.


Coconut Crumble® Pet 454g

Coconut Oil  500mL

Solid Ground®  250g

New Beginnings® Pet 500mL and 1L

The Nature's Intelligence stamp is on all of our labels. It is our guarantee to you that you are choosing the best for your family. Our products are made with mindfully selected whole foods and gratitude for what nature provides.

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