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Flax Unbridled®

Dr. Marion Smart DVM, PhD, Professor Emeritus and Veterinary Clinical Nutritionist who has had firsthand experience using Flax Unbridled®, comments on this supplement:

“As a functional food, Flax Unbridled® provide complex nutrients essential for life that must be found in the diet. Flax Unbridled® capture the benefits of the whole flax seed, not just the oil which contains the valuable and essential omega-3 fatty acid. This oil is protected and preserved with naturally occurring components called Lignans, also found within the flax seed that add additional health giving qualities to this supplement placing it in a category of its own. This is not just another organic flax oil made by conventional means, but a nutritional powerhouse containing flax oil, vitamins, minerals, protein and one of natures' most potent natural anti-oxidants, Lignan. The plant based Omega 3 in flax is a precursor to EPA and DHA. Scientifically, this conversion is considered slow in our pets but metabolically the conversion is a natural, continuous step process in response to the inflammatory reaction created by the Omega 6 fatty acids that are very high in most North American pet food diets. Along with improving the Omega6 : Omega 3 ratio in the diet, the Omega 3's are also critical for healthy and proper function of all cells in the body. We believe that the benefits of Flax Unbridled® extend way beyond the Omega 3's and that through the gentle unrefined processing of the Canadian organic flax seed, a synergy (perhaps the greatest benefit of whole food products) is at least part of the reason that horse guardians consistently report improvement in their animal’s mobility, skin and hair coat, hooves, and overall vitality. This Certified Organic, functional whole food nutraceutical, contains one ingredient only – Canadian Organic, Non-GMO Flax seed and would be useful in the diet of every horse”. 

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