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Olie® Naturals has partnered with Erik Nielsen, a global leader in the probiotic world, to bring New Beginnings to North America.  With a combination of over 20 years of research and development in innovative bio-technology, Erik has produced state-of-the-art organic products based on active probiotics.  We are very proud to bring such a unique product to the Canadian market!

Erik Nielsen and his family-owned and -operated international business is a European probiotic bio-technology company, based in Denmark.  They develop, produce and distribute probiotics and other microorganism products for people, animals and the environment in over 39 countries across 4 continents.  Erik is also an advisor to the Danish government on organic farming practices, and has worked with the renown Dr. Teruo Higa, the pioneer in developing the effective microorganism technology.  

How It All Began

Erik studied to be a chartered accountant and had achieved the position as Chief of Finance.  However, at 30 years of age, Erik left the corporate business world to lead a simple life, connected to the earth, as an organic farmer.  He quickly realized that the strength and vitality of the plants he grew depended on the soil quality.  Microorganisms are essential for healthy soil so he set out to research bacteria, in order to improve the soil in an organic, effective and sustainable manner.

In the early 90’s, organic farming was not regulated so Erik was a founding member of the Organic Farming Council under the Ministry of Agriculture in Denmark. Through this group, Erik was part of creating the first organic legislation in the world!  

It was while working with the Ministry of Agriculture, that Erik had a serendipitous and life-changing meeting with Dr. Teruo Higa of Japan.  Dr. Higa was studying the effects of microorganisms on plants and had developed a combination of bacteria that strengthened and improved growth in plants.

In 1995, one of Dr. Higa’s students came to Denmark to work with Erik and together they experimented and researched microbes. This collaboration inspired Erik to further experiment with both bacteria and fermentation.  

The result:  a fermented probiotic drink with lactic acid and herbal extracts that is beneficial for human health!

In the following years, Erik’s company has continued to grow – supplying fermented probiotic products that are beneficial for people, animals and the environment in over 39 countries across 4 continents.  All the while, they have stayed true to their values of sustainability and belief in the healing power of nature.

Eli Nielsen, Erik’s son, is now the CEO and is continuing Erik’s legacy.

Eli and Erik Nielsen, Biosa Denmark

By sourcing organic ingredients and supporting organic farmers, we are promoting a healthier planet.

  • Organic farmers eliminate the use of chemicals and sprays, while embracing more natural farming and growing cycles.
  • Our probiotic is produced with wind and solar energy, supporting renewable energy practices.
  • Our supplements are entirely plant-based and do not contain any animal or animal by-products.
  • Our Omega 3 supplement is plant-based whole food which doesn't utilize fish, thereby protecting our oceans.

Our commitment to sustainability is a founding principle of Olie® Naturals.

Join us in our mission to care for the planet!

Olie® Naturals New Beginnings® Pet Probiotic is a certified organic European probiotic that links old traditions, innovative technologies and global leaders in the art of science and probiotics.

Olie® Naturals New Beginnings® Probiotic is the original organic European, fermented, herbal, probiotic that links old traditions, innovative technologies and global leaders in the art and science of probiotics. New Beginnings® Probiotic is produced in Denmark where it was developed over 25 years ago and is now sold and enjoyed in over 40 countries.


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