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Infant Colic

Human babies are born without a microbiome and establish their own unique mix of bacteria as they age. One of the first bifido bacteria to colonize in human infants is B. animalis.  Its high resistance to stomach acids makes B. animalis a good candidate to add to infant formulas. According to author E.M.M. Quigley in his textbook  “The Microbiota in GastroIntestinal Pathophysiology” published 2017, studies have identified a number of B. animalis properties that could be clinically relevant including immune modulation and enhancement of gut barrier function. https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/agricultural-and-biological-sciences/bifidobacterium-animalis

“Infant colic is a functional gastrointestinal disorder that affects up to 25% of infants in their first 3 months of life.” Italian researchers Rita Nocerino et al (Dec 2019) performed a double blind, placebo controlled study to access the effects of B. Animalis on infant colic. Their goal was to achieve a 50% or greater reduction in duration of crying. Their secondary goal was to achieve fewer episodes of crying, and increased sleep times.

The study outlines many problems associated with infant colic. They point out that while infant colic isn’t life threatening, it’s a major source of stress on infants, parents and everyone else in the family or involved in their care. It is also associated with shaken baby syndrome, postpartum depression for the Mom,  multiple trips to the doctor,  as well as long term adverse outcomes like greater risk of allergies and behaviour problems.  

The study did show success defined as a greater than 50% reduction in crying duration, and met secondary goals  defined as less frequent crying episodes, and beneficial effects on sleep duration as well as stool frequency and consistency. The reduced daily average crying was evident in the first week in infants who received the B. animalis supplemented infant formula.  

One important finding regarded the increased levels of the postbiotic  “butyrate.”, an acid categorized as one of the short chain fatty acids  Here is a quote from the study “Butyrate is a major gut microbiota metabolite able to exert  a wide range of beneficial actions at intestinal and extra-intestinal level. Butyrate modulates the intestinal transit time, visceral and central pain perception, and gut brain axis, and exerts a powerful anti-inflammatory action.” Note: for more studies backing up these findings see R. Nocerino references # 34-46 which cite a dozen studies on verifying butyrate effects, and how it can be produced either directly or indirectly.  

While B animals does not directly make butyrate, it indirectly increases butyrate production in the host’s body by cross feeding other commensal bacteria (ie ones that can create butyrate by “feeding on” postbiotics made by B. animalis.   B animalis and L. Rhamnusus have been associated with reduced incidence and duration of rotavirus diarrhea in children (Gaundalini et al. (2000)  Reference to this study made in the book “FGunctional Foods” 2nd edition, 2011,   lead Editor Maria Saarela, Woodhead publishing.

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