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Mother Nature’s Probiotic Design

When Mother Nature manufactures a probiotic, she uses a holistic, ecosystem approach;  not one based on presenting probiotics, prebiotics, or postbiotics as “isolates”. Yet 99% + of probiotic supplements on the market are based on isolates made in labs using artificial processing and ingredients.  For example, they’re often processed powdered probiotics in a capsule with zero whole food prebiotics or postbiotics. In the rare case where a “prebiotic” has been added, it often consists of one nutrient such as inulin isolated from one plant, chicory.  New Beginnings probiotic is so unique because the developer Erik Neilson believed probiotics should be provided the way Nature designed.

In a healthy ecosystem, prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics always appear together. Mother Nature uses natural fermentation as the process, whole plants (not nutrient isolates) as the prebiotic raw ingredients, and the end result is postbiotic compounds made by the good bacteria.   Researchers have called postbiotics the entire point or goal behind taking probiotics or prebiotics in the first place.  Postbiotic compounds are how single celled probiotics confer all their benefits. (Also read: “Postbiotics, the goal behind taking prebiotics and probiotics”)    

It’s important to note that natural postbiotics are always in liquid form with an acidic pH.  In this form, nutrient postbiotics are able to permeate the walls of other cells and achieve benefits for themselves and/or their host. For example, “organic acids” are a type of postbiotic which is one method they use to destroy pathogens - pathogens are almost always alkaline and, therefore, damaged by acids.  Organic acids are also intricately involved in modulating inflammatory effects within their host’s body. (Also read: “The many roles of organic acids”).  New Beginnings contains whole food prebiotics (18 organic herbs), live probiotics (not dehydration processed), and nutritional postbiotics like the organic acids in their natural liquid, acid pH form.  

New Beginnings® truly follows Nature’s design and provides plant-based prebiotics, live probiotics, and fermented nutritional postbiotics all in their natural liquid, acid state. For consumers who prefer a 100% organic and wholistic approach to probiotic health, New Beginnings® gives them that option.    

New Beginnings® Probiotic

New Beginnings® contains a blend of 7 carefully selected active bacterial cultures and 18 herbs. A unique, gentle, fermentation process yields this dynamic and complex mixture designed to remain viable and functional as it travels throughout the gastrointestinal tract.

New Beginnings® Ginger Probiotic

Our Ginger Enhanced Formula contains all the same 18 herbs and good bacteria, but the ginger levels are enhanced to create a “warming” formula.

We believe in preserving and valuing nature's intelligent design. This is why our products contain a naturally occurring spectrum of synergistic nutrients in raw form. This maximizes nutrient absorption and helps generate overall wellness. Our company was founded on the belief that real organic whole foods provide you and your pet the best opportunity for vibrant health and longevity.


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