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Organic Acids Research:

Organic Acids are compounds made probiotic bacteria during lactic acid fermentation. The fermentation can happen either inside our digestive tract or outside in the bacterial fermentations used to create sauerkrauts, and other traditional foods. (Not to be confused with yeast fermented products like beer, sourdough bread, or kombucha ( which is fermented with yeast and bacteria).

1) "Effects against Pathogens"- Rosanna Inturri et al (2019) examines the effects of postbiotic acids secreted by B. Longum and L. Rhamnusus ( externally secreted postbiotics are often referred to as supernatants) against a range of common pathogenic intestinal bacteria and yeasts (including various e-coli and salmonella strains as well as numerous strains of Candida.) The highest inhibitory effects produced by a supernatant had a fermented  acid pH of 3.49.  Researchers also pH neutralized the supernatants but found the greatest range of inhibitory effects happened when they were left in their natural organic acid state.  (For use in food safety see: E. Mani-Lopez et al (2012) “Organic acids as antimicrobials to control Salmonella in meat and poultry”)  

2) Stimulate Peristalsis- Encyclopedia of Food Sciences and Nutrition (second edition 2003, editor A.L. McCartney) states “ the production of organic acids (acetic and lactic) by bifidobacteria inhibits the growth of pathogenic organisms (directly and indirectly) and stimulates intestinal peristalsis.  

3) Prevent and Downregulate Leaky Gut- in “Probiotic Cell Free Supernatants (CFS) exhibited anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant activity on Human Gut Epithelial Cells”, Stefania De Marco et al (2018) provide further evidence postbiotic supernatants, particularly those secreted by L. Acidophilus and L. Casei, support the use of probiotic metabolites in preventing and down regulating intestinal epithelial cell inflammation. An earlier study by F. Maghsood et al (2017) investigated supernatants of L. Acidophilus + L. Rhamnusus and results indicated they have anti-inflammatory effects and can modulate inflammatory responses.  

4) Ease Digestive pain: In “Pain regulation by gut microbiota: molecular mechanisms and therapeutic potential”,  Ran Guo et al. (Nov 2019) discuss how postbiotic metabolites of probiotic bacteria like L. Acidophilus help modulate and manage many types of pain, not just in the digestive tract but elsewhere in the body including headaches and nerve pain.  

5) Increase nutrient Absorption: in “Organic acids and the potential for modifying avian gastroIntestinal Tract and Reducing Pathogens/Disease”, Dana Dittoe et al 2018 discuss growing antibiotic resistance problems in poultry. They show organic acids provide enhanced nutrient digestibility and are a valid alternative to antibiotics to protect poultry from pathogens.  Nutrient breakdown begins with acids in the upper digestive tract (stomach etc) and probiotic organic acids continue that work to increase absorption.

6) Anti-Inflammatory effects: In “Short Chain Fatty acids alone or in combination regulate select immune functions”, Tyler J Wenzel et al (2020) discuss how postbiotic acids and other probiotic metabolites are involved in regulating systemic inflammation.

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