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Flax Unleashed®

  Why Choose Flax Unleashed®?

This is not your average oil!

Flax Unleashed® is an organic, whole food source of omega 3s. Flax is well-known for its high omega 3 content. We have utilized a gentle process that draws out the excess fibre, leaving a concentrated, powerful flax oil with the protective qualities found in the flax lignan.

Since Flax Unleashed® included fibre with the oil, it has a very significant advantage. Your dog’s gut bacteria requires the proper support to effectively utilize the omega 3 fats. This plant fibre (or prebiotic fibre) feeds the microbiome and allows the bacteria to breakdown the flax oil more efficiently.

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Did you know?      

Flaxseed grows best in a cold climate? Saskatchewan has the ideal growing conditions for flax, that’s why we source our flaxseed from clean, organic farmland in Northern Saskatchewan.

Flax Unleashed® 500g & 1kg

Did you know?

Omega 3s are essential fatty acids – meaning your dog can only get them from food, her body cannot make them.  

As active dogs play and exercise, it is possible for minor injuries to occur – such pulled muscles. Although inflammation is the body’s way of protecting an injury, long term inflammation degrades joints. Chronic inflammation is also connected with disease. Omega 3s supports the body to have a balanced response to such injuries.

Omega 3s are anti-inflammatory.  

Omega 3s are necessary for:

•        Healthy joints

•        Healthy brain function

•        Healthy skin and coat




Omega 3s need to be added fresh to the meal as almost all diets – including fresh food diets – do not contain the level of omega 3s your active dog needs.











Flax Unleashed®

Ingredients: Organic cold pressed flax oil, and organic flax fibre.

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