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"Boots" is an active adult cat that chose his new home after being abandoned. He is amazing!

Cats are affectionately called the little lions and tigers in our homes! And this is not far from the truth.  

Cats are instinctually excellent hunters and have a large appetite for fresh meat. Meeting cats' nutritional needs may seem daunting - let's see how organic, whole food supplements can help.

Our top product picks for your feline companions!

Coconut Crumble® Pet 454g

Coconut Oil  500mL

Solid Ground®  250g

New Beginnings® Pet 500mL and 1L

Solid Ground® may be beneficial for:

  • A source of prebiotic fibre
  • Supporting healthy anal gland function
  • High in antioxidants for the maintenance of good health
  • A dietary supplement to support gastric health and healthy intestinal microbiota

The Nature's Intelligence stamp is on all of our labels. It is our guarantee to you that you are choosing the best for your family. Our products are made with mindfully selected whole foods and gratitude for what nature provides.

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For litter box issues, may we suggest:

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