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"Layla" is a 10 year old Koikerhondje (Dutch Decoy Hound) living in Saskatchewan!

Active and busy dogs and cats are constantly exposed to viruses, bacteria and potential allergens like pollen that challenge their immune system when they are walking in the neighbourhood, playing with friends or hiking in the woods. Even inside, they are exposed to toxins, cleaning products and off-gassing household items, like new carpet or paint.

How can we help support their immune systems to meet these challenges?

Did you know?

Scientists estimate that at least 80% of the immune system is in the gut.  

Probiotics, or good bacteria, make chemicals (known as postbiotics) that have 2 overall immune benefits:

1)  Direct approach to stopping pathogens by making postbiotics that either kill or limit pathogens like viruses, fungi, and bad bacteria that enter through food, water, skin contact or breathing.

2)  Indirect approach by making postbiotics that signal the host's own immune system to take action. Once the immune system receives a postbiotic“message" identifying a specific threat such as pathogens or cancer cells, the immune system responds by making antibodies or antigens(chemical compounds) which are specific to handling the threat.

First we start with our probiotic to ensure your pet has a diversity of bacteria in their microbiome.

New Beginnings® Pet Probiotic is created by feeding 5 strains of carefully selected bacteria organic herbs and organic molasses and allowing them to ferment naturally.  This is key as good bacteria produce the greatest range of healthy postbiotics when fed a diversity of plants.  When good bacteria suffer a shortage of key nutrients, they become weakened and bad bacteria can take over.

The fermentation process also means there is so much more in each bottle of New Beginnings® than just probiotics! Not only does New Beginnings® contain live, active bacteria that are ready to go to work the second they enter your pet's body, it also contains these valuable postbiotics created by the good bacteria.

Next, we must feed the good bacteria properly so they are able to do their best work in digesting food and creating the postbiotics necessary for the immune system!

Lignan Works® and Solid Ground® each have a wealth of prebiotic fibres in addition to being high in other health promoting nutrients like Omega 3, lignans, or anti-oxidants.

Another good prebiotic choice is Coconut Crumble® and its benefit includes medium Chain Fatty acids nutrients like those found in mothers breast milk. These acids are nutrients associated increased ability to ward off pathogens.

Solid Ground® 250g

New Beginnings® Pet Probiotic 500mL and 1L

So the best place to start is by supporting the digestive system!

Coconut Crumble® 454g

Lignan Works® Pet 250g

Immune Support

Coconut Crumble® Ingredients: Organic raw whole coconut.

Solid Ground® Ingredients:

Ingredients: Organic Flaxseed, Raspberry, Blueberry, Maqui Berry, Pineapple, Astragalus, Spirulina, Milk thistle, Kale, Alfalfa

Lignan Works® Pet Ingredients: Organic flax hulls.

New Beginning ® Pet Probiotic Ingredients:

Bifidobacterium animalis subsp lactis, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus acidophilus.  Water, Organic Cane Molasses, Organic Anise, Organic Dill, Organic Fennel, Organic Rosemary, Organic Thyme.

The Nature's Intelligence stamp is on all of our labels. It is our guarantee to you that you are choosing the best for your family. Our products are made with mindfully selected whole foods and gratitude for what nature provides.

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